Bug 3536 - canberra-gtk missing for gtk+ tools
Summary: canberra-gtk missing for gtk+ tools
Alias: None
Product: Mageia
Classification: Unclassified
Component: RPM Packages (show other bugs)
Version: Cauldron
Hardware: All Linux
Priority: Low normal
Target Milestone: Mageia 7
Assignee: GNOME maintainers
QA Contact:
Whiteboard: MGA2TOO 3RC
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Depends on: 7384
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Reported: 2011-11-30 08:15 CET by Kamil Rytarowski
Modified: 2020-11-19 10:59 CET (History)
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Source RPM: gtk+2.0
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Description Kamil Rytarowski 2011-11-30 08:15:22 CET
Description of problem:
After an installation of Mga2 Alpha1 I've encountered a warning for rpmdrake:

Gtk-Message **: Failed to load module "canberra-gtk-module" at /usr/lib/libDrakX/mygtk2.pm line 20.

Version-Release number of selected component (if applicable):

How reproducible:

Steps to Reproduce:
1. install a minimal system
2. install task-x11
3. install WindoWmaker
4. install xterm rpmdrake
5. run from xterm rpmdrake
Manuel Hiebel 2011-11-30 12:09:34 CET

Assignee: bugsquad => thierry.vignaud
Summary: missing module for rpmdrake => canberra-gtk missing for rpmdrake

Manuel Hiebel 2011-11-30 15:01:32 CET

CC: (none) => sysadmin-bugs

Manuel Hiebel 2011-11-30 15:03:44 CET

CC: sysadmin-bugs => (none)

Comment 1 Thierry Vignaud 2011-12-05 22:27:21 CET
I think you're getting this for any drak tool or any gtk+ app

Priority: Normal => Low

Thierry Vignaud 2011-12-10 07:23:57 CET

Summary: canberra-gtk missing for rpmdrake => canberra-gtk missing for gtk+ tools
Source RPM: rpmdrake-5.26.11-1.mga2 => (none)
Assignee: thierry.vignaud => bugsquad

Comment 2 Malo Deniélou 2011-12-19 21:03:53 CET
I can confirm what Thierry says.
It can be fixed by installing lib(64)canberra-gtk0.
There is a missing requires somewhere ...

CC: (none) => malo

Comment 3 Malo Deniélou 2012-01-28 15:05:36 CET
Still valid.

Source RPM: (none) => gtk+2.0

Comment 4 Marja Van Waes 2012-03-02 15:20:42 CET
assigning to maintainer

Assignee: bugsquad => olav
CC: (none) => marja11

Comment 5 Olav Vitters 2012-03-02 16:07:22 CET
I really dislike canberra-gtk. I guess a suggests on gtk+2.0, but as said: urgh.
Comment 6 Frédéric "LpSolit" Buclin 2012-03-27 00:27:20 CEST
*** Bug 5115 has been marked as a duplicate of this bug. ***

CC: (none) => mnaud.free

Comment 7 Kamil Rytarowski 2012-03-30 12:53:23 CEST
Stil valid.

Standard installation, without Gnome+KDE. Then in WM after opening for example emacs I can read this error.

Gtk-Message: Failed to load module "canberra-gtk-module"
Comment 8 Malo Deniélou 2012-04-02 16:01:12 CEST
Olav, can you add the suggests? 
Otherwise, is there any way to remove that warning?
Comment 9 Olav Vitters 2012-04-02 16:32:02 CEST
Thinking about it more, I think it would be in the wrong place. I thought it was some theme, but this is the freedesktop.org sound module IIRC.

Could you run the following:
  rpm -qa | grep canberra

Something is suggesting gtk+2.0 to load canberra, but not pulling in the module. It is a bit odd.

/etc/X11/xinit.d/libcanberra-gtk-module.sh adds an environment variable to have it loaded. By default gtk+2.0 shouldn't try to load this.
Comment 10 Malo Deniélou 2012-04-02 16:39:56 CEST
$ rpm -qa | grep canberra

Yes, something is odd, especially if canberra is about sound ...
Comment 11 Kamil Rytarowski 2012-04-02 16:46:46 CEST
$ rpm -qa|grep canberra

I've got to install lib64canberra-gtk0-0.28-7.mga2 (IIRC) and it fixes the warning.
Comment 12 Olav Vitters 2012-04-02 16:52:02 CEST
So something is installing canberra somehow :P

I should find out what and solve it there, or add Suggests/Requires to canberra-gtk I guess..
Comment 13 Malo Deniélou 2012-04-02 17:05:37 CEST
Have a look at libgnome2_0 ...

> urpmq -a --whatrequires canberra
aisleriot canberra-common canberra-gtk cheese drwright empathy evolution gdm gerbv gnect gnibbles gnobots2 gnome-color-manager gnome-control-center gnome-phone-manager gnome-screenshot gnome-settings-daemon gnome-shell gok iagno kdebase4-runtime libbrasero-burn3_1 libbrasero-devel libcanberra-devel libcanberra-gtk-devel libcanberra-gtk0 libcanberra-gtk3_0 libcanberra0 libcheese-gtk-devel libcheese-gtk21 libgnome2-devel libgnome2_0 libmutter-private-devel libmutter-private0 metacity notification-daemon pavucontrol pcb quadrapassel sound-juicer xchat-gnome-soundnotification

among them, I have only libgnome2_0 installed ...
Comment 14 Manuel Hiebel 2012-04-15 02:01:51 CEST
*** Bug 5403 has been marked as a duplicate of this bug. ***

CC: (none) => fri

Comment 15 Juergen Harms 2012-04-19 15:44:48 CEST
The small demo from the Gtk3 manpage (converted back to Gtk2) fails with the message quoted in the bug description (Failed to load module "canberra-gtk-module), only runs if libcanberra-gtk0 is manually installed in addition to what has been installed at system generation - a nice example to put this problem into evidence.

  #!/usr/bin/perl -w
  use Gtk2 '-init';
  my $window = Gtk2::Window->new ('toplevel');
  my $button = Gtk2::Button->new ('Quit');
  $button->signal_connect (clicked => sub { Gtk2::main_quit });
  $window->add ($button);

But weird, I have a quite complex perl-Gtk application (which - necessarily - contains all the ingredients used in the small demo) and that runs perfectly even when the canberra module is not installed on my system: there are facettes of this problem which go beyond a missing require/suggest.

(And yes, I have several of the packages quoted in comment 13 installed on my system, but nevertheless do not get libcanberra-gtk0 installed simply as a dependency)

CC: (none) => juergen.harms

Comment 16 Kamil Rytarowski 2012-05-07 00:53:22 CEST
Still valid
Comment 17 Juergen Harms 2012-05-17 09:11:34 CEST
I hit this bug when checking the livecd for the final release, simply by launching Gimp - maybe that helps to find the broken link in the chain of requires. And again, the problem is solved (on my i586 system) by simply installing libcanberra-gtk0.
Damien Lallement 2012-05-22 17:29:14 CEST

CC: (none) => mageia

Comment 18 Marja Van Waes 2012-05-26 13:07:18 CEST

This bug was filed against cauldron, but we do not have cauldron at the moment.

Please report whether this bug is still valid for Mageia 2.

Thanks :)


Keywords: (none) => NEEDINFO

Comment 19 Juergen Harms 2012-06-02 21:04:47 CEST
Still valid in Mageia 2

Isn't there a simple solution: make libcanberra-gtk0 (i586) and lib64canberra-gtk0 (x86_64) both provide the resource canberra-gtk-module?

Sander Lepik 2012-06-02 21:22:13 CEST

CC: (none) => sander.lepik
Whiteboard: (none) => MGA2TOO
Keywords: NEEDINFO => (none)

Barry Jackson 2012-06-30 13:18:58 CEST

CC: (none) => zen25000

Comment 20 Malo Deniélou 2012-09-06 12:59:29 CEST
Still valid in Mageia 3 alpha 1. Can this be fixed? please!!!


claire robinson 2012-09-06 18:30:45 CEST

Target Milestone: --- => Mageia 3
Whiteboard: MGA2TOO => MGA2TOO 3alpha1

Olav Vitters 2012-09-07 11:46:46 CEST

Depends on: (none) => 7384

Comment 21 Alex Loginov 2012-09-28 16:47:40 CEST
Error: Gtk-Message **: Failed to load module "canberra-gtk-module"
# urpmi libcanberra-gtk0
# urpmi lib64canberra-gtk0

CC: (none) => loginov_alex

Comment 22 Juergen Harms 2012-09-28 17:08:35 CEST
Yes, most people who see this problem apply this as a workaround.

But that does not solve the fundamental issue: installing modules required by " the infrastructure" should be handled by "the infrastructure" itself - there are naive users around who do not know about urpmi.

The beard of the fundamental problem is happily growing and growing, there will be a birthday of the initial bugzilla report soon (-
Comment 23 Morgan Leijström 2013-05-10 00:12:47 CEST
OOPS we missed that birthday party!
But rejoice, we have chance next year, as it is stil valid ;)

Just spotted in .xsession.errors on up to date 3RC:

Gtk-Message: Failed to load module "canberra-gtk-module"
Gtk-Message **: Failed to load module "canberra-gtk-module" at /usr/lib/libDrakX/mygtk2.pm line 20.

I apply that usual workaround now...

Whiteboard: MGA2TOO 3alpha1 => MGA2TOO 3RC

Comment 24 Morgan Leijström 2013-05-10 00:14:32 CEST
I see target was set to mga3, but i do not think it should be a release blocker as we will miss the party...

Hardware: x86_64 => All

Comment 25 Alex Loginov 2013-06-16 10:00:03 CEST
Please add libcanberra-gtk0/lib64canberra-gtk0 in distro.
Marja Van Waes 2013-09-22 21:15:03 CEST

CC: marja11 => (none)

Comment 26 w unruh 2014-01-05 19:36:54 CET
Still valid in an updated Mageia 3. Yes, the second birthday has come and gone, and this littly monster still lives. Is it also there in Mangeia 4?

CC: (none) => unruh

Comment 27 Manuel Hiebel 2014-01-05 19:48:10 CET
Yes, and it is a really little monster. 
Issue is to see were is the best place to add a require/suggest I guess.
Paulo Silva 2014-01-15 17:57:50 CET

CC: (none) => paulo

Johnny A. Solbu 2014-01-16 23:43:20 CET

CC: (none) => cooker

Henri de Solages 2014-03-19 08:28:00 CET

Target Milestone: Mageia 3 => Mageia 4
CC: (none) => fiable

Comment 28 Nicolas Pomarède 2015-01-27 14:53:34 CET

problem still valid under mga4 and cauldron.

Under mga4, I already had :

After manually installing libcanberra-gtk0, the message "Failed to load module "canberra-gtk-module"" is now gone for good.

Should be the same under cauldron I guess

CC: (none) => npomarede

Comment 29 Olav Vitters 2015-02-04 11:37:51 CET
This is pretty harmless. If you install the GTK+3.x canberra module, it doesn't automatically install the GTK+2.x version. I've added Recommends in the latest package. These are only recommends though, the installer doesn't look at them.

A requires would result in always needing GTK+2.x as well as GTK+3.x. Which maybe makes sense atm, but that should not be the case forever.
Comment 30 Henri de Solages 2015-04-02 10:56:28 CEST
The string "Failed to load module 'canberra-gtk-module'" appears in 1230 pages within the site mageia.org and its sub-sites (i.e. the sub-domains), including on 79 pages of bugs.mageia.org. On the web, according to Google, there are 9880 pages including both this string and the word "Mageia". It means that this bug wastes thousand of people's time, leading them to think it is the cause of the unrelated problem they have. Then someone else has to waste his/her time to explain that it is not the case. So I increase the priority to "high".

Moreover, since GnuCash in Mageia 4 is very buggy, I decided to compile the last one. Then, if I try to launch it, I get:

$ ./gnucash
(process:4483): GLib-WARNING **: GError set over the top of a previous GError or uninitialized memory.
This indicates a bug in someone's code. You must ensure an error is NULL before it's set.
The overwriting error message was: No such file or directory
Gtk-Message: Failed to load module "canberra-gtk-module"
gnc.gui:ERROR:../../../src/gnome-utils/gnc-main-window.c:3604:gnc_main_window_setup_window: assertion failed: (filename)

These messages are quite unclear to me, but doesn't it mean that, because of this bug, my built GnuCash doesn't work? If yes, this bug is not just an "enhancement". And what is the workaround?

Priority: Low => Normal

Henri de Solages 2015-04-02 10:56:43 CEST

Priority: Normal => High

Comment 31 Olav Vitters 2015-04-02 14:50:48 CEST
(In reply to Henri de Solages from comment #30)
> it is the cause of the unrelated problem they have. Then someone else has to
> waste his/her time to explain that it is not the case. So I increase the
> priority to "high".

Priority is up to the assignee. I consider this low priority. For Mageia 5 the Recommends should avoid this message. I'm totally ok with someone figuring out a good solution and doing the work. Last bit would be to have "rpmsrate-raw" ensure both rpm packages are on the installation media. Because package can either contain "lib" or "lib64" I'm not sure how to do that.

> $ ./gnucash
> gnc.gui:ERROR:../../../src/gnome-utils/gnc-main-window.c:3604:
> gnc_main_window_setup_window: assertion failed: (filename)
> Aborted 
> These messages are quite unclear to me, but doesn't it mean that, because of
> this bug, my built GnuCash doesn't work? If yes, this bug is not just an
> "enhancement". And what is the workaround?

No, just file a new bug if it happens with the provided gnucash from the distribution. If you compile yourself, ask gnucash developers.

Priority: High => Low

Comment 32 Olav Vitters 2015-10-08 10:32:46 CEST
Latest rpm has functionality to solve this. Targeting Mageia 6.

Target Milestone: Mageia 4 => Mageia 6
Severity: enhancement => normal

Olav Vitters 2016-09-19 09:52:38 CEST

Assignee: olav => gnome

Comment 33 Samuel Verschelde 2016-10-10 18:23:47 CEST
Olav, you did target Mageia 6 one year ago for this bug report. Is it still true?
Comment 34 Olav Vitters 2016-10-13 00:05:56 CEST
The dependency is not possible with current urpmi logic. Moving to Mageia 7.

Target Milestone: Mageia 6 => Mageia 7
CC: (none) => olav

Comment 35 Charles Edwards 2016-10-17 00:20:20 CEST
*** Bug 19607 has been marked as a duplicate of this bug. ***

CC: (none) => hamnisdude

Samuel Verschelde 2016-11-01 12:00:40 CET

See Also: (none) => https://bugs.mageia.org/show_bug.cgi?id=15176

Comment 36 Andy Jefferson 2017-07-28 12:03:19 CEST
Still present with clean MGA6 install, FWIW. 
Installation of one of the lib64canberra packages resolves it.

CC: (none) => andy_jefferson

Comment 37 Rémi Verschelde 2017-07-28 12:27:52 CEST
Olav, if we don't want to require lib64canberra-gtk0 to silence this pointless warning, maybe we could patch gtk+2.0 to silence it ourselves? This warning is pointless, there is no loss of functionality in applications which trigger this warning.
Comment 38 Olav Vitters 2020-04-10 19:57:22 CEST
I added stuff like below to the spec. This for the gtk2 and the gtk3 packages.

# ovitters to avoid complaints from 32 bits programs on a 64 arch recommend the
#          32bit library on a 64 bit arch
#          the lua macro changes lib64 into lib
%if 0%{?__isa_bits} == 64
Recommends:»····%{lua:txt = string.gsub(rpm.expand("%{libname_gtk}"), "^lib64","lib"); print(txt)}

I think this should work, hopefully. In case there's no 32 bit version available rpm should ignore it if I read https://rpm.org/user_doc/dependencies.html correctly.
Comment 39 Olav Vitters 2020-04-12 19:35:11 CEST
The Recommends change was reverted as people didn't like that solution. Nicolas Pomarède assisted with a proposed patch. Patch was applied to gtk+2.x and gtk+3.0. This stuff should now be ok in Mageia Cauldron.

Resolution: (none) => FIXED

Comment 40 Ted Harlan 2020-06-18 08:50:25 CEST
# ovitters to avoid complaints from 32 bits programs on a 64 arch recommend the
#          32bit library on a 64 bit arch
#          the lua macro changes lib64 into lib
%if 0%{?__isa_bits} == 64
Recommends:»····%{lua:txt = string.gsub(rpm.expand("%{libname_gtk}"), "^lib64","lib"); print(txt)}

CC: (none) => danielwattm0821

Andy Jefferson 2020-06-18 09:12:24 CEST

CC: andy_jefferson => (none)

Comment 41 Thierry Vignaud 2020-06-19 10:08:16 CEST
No that's just a warning and the recommends end in pulling ton of uneeded stuff…

CC: (none) => thierry.vignaud

Mad Max 2020-09-07 10:36:04 CEST

CC: (none) => madmax88xyz

Aurelien Oudelet 2020-09-07 11:10:32 CEST

CC: madmax88xyz => (none)

peter johnee1 2020-11-06 05:25:09 CET

CC: (none) => peterjohnee1

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