Bug 25354 - Backports request: kodi-pvr-iptvsimple
Summary: Backports request: kodi-pvr-iptvsimple
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Product: Mageia
Classification: Unclassified
Component: Backports (show other bugs)
Version: 7
Hardware: All Linux
Priority: Normal normal
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Assignee: QA Team
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Whiteboard: MGA7-64-OK
Keywords: validated_backport
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Reported: 2019-08-25 17:45 CEST by Stig-Ørjan Smelror
Modified: 2020-02-13 12:45 CET (History)
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Source RPM: kodi-pvr-iptvsimple
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Description Stig-Ørjan Smelror 2019-08-25 17:45:33 CEST
Uploaded to core/backports_testing


from kodi-pvr-iptvsimple-3.6.0-1.mga7.src.rpm
Rémi Verschelde 2019-09-20 11:06:09 CEST

Source RPM: (none) => kodi-pvr-iptvsimple

Comment 1 Len Lawrence 2019-10-06 10:23:11 CEST
Mageia 7, x86_64

Installed the backport, launched kodi and added the simple client by referring to https://kodi.wiki/view/Add-on:PVR_IPTV_Simple_Client.  That went smoothly enough.  However, I have never found a way to access the DVB TV tuner attached to this machine via kodi.  It works fine using w_scan2 and vlc and has worked with kaffeine.  However, m3u type playlists are supposed to be covered by the add-on.  All my music playlists are simple m3u files.  kodi does not have an entry in the main menu for Music so I was unable to build a music library.  (That seems to be a regression, but not relevant to this bug).

So, add-on was successful but it still needs to be tested.

CC: (none) => tarazed25

Comment 2 Len Lawrence 2019-12-19 22:35:34 CET
Note to anybody taking this on.  I know zero about kodi so the lack of Music may be a configuration issue.  I simply install kodi as is and set it going.  And that is on the Mate desktop, so there may be other things to consider like the environment.
Comment 3 Len Lawrence 2019-12-19 22:37:23 CET
Also, the lack of access to TV may be because some unknown backend needs to be installed.  Again, I plead ignorance.
Comment 4 Len Lawrence 2019-12-20 01:24:07 CET
Strangely enough, launching kodi on a later system, just now, brings up the Music functions so it was able to create a library.  Shall pursue this again later.  No time at all just now.
Comment 5 Len Lawrence 2020-01-04 19:40:54 CET
Installed the add-on:
    Home screen
    My add-ons
    PVR clients
    PVR IPTV Simple Client

Back to Home screen and the Music section had disappeared.  Closed down and restarted and it came back.  Very strange behaviour.

Accessed my playlists directory and was able to open any one and play tracks directly.  Not sure if this is sufficient to to pass this update but kodi is functional, although the PVR function is not actually being tested and without TV probably cannot be.  None of the documentation online makes any sense to me.

What this all comes down to is that kodi is such a specialist application that it should be tested only by people who actually know and use it.
Comment 6 Len Lawrence 2020-02-10 16:23:42 CET
Revisited this to try and get a handle on this IPTV business.  Information on the web directs the user to System -> PVR/TV -> General at which point the application should start to scan for channels automatically but it did not.  The menu item for scan for channels comes back with "none of the PVR(?) backends support for channel scanning" or words to that effect.  No idea what to do about that and since the IPTV Simple Client installed OK and nobody in QA has experience with this aspect of kodi it will have to go out as is.

Whiteboard: (none) => MGA7-64-OK

Comment 7 Len Lawrence 2020-02-10 17:53:52 CET
Addendum: this article makes things a lot clearer; https://kodi.wiki/view/PVR
IPTV does not mean internet streaming but conventional broadcast TV which always requires a hardware device to decode the signals, such as TVHeadEnd or a USB tuner, with a software backend to match so it is not entirely beyond QA's abilities.  That is my understanding anyway.
Comment 8 Thomas Andrews 2020-02-10 23:40:09 CET
Thank you for all your efforts, Len.

I have an old ATSC PCI card, but was never able to make it work as it should, so any test I might try would probably be even more inconclusive than yours have been. (I'm not even sure where I put it, anyway.)

I believe this is good enough for a backport. 


Keywords: (none) => validated_backport
CC: (none) => andrewsfarm

Comment 9 Thomas Backlund 2020-02-13 12:45:40 CET
 package moved

CC: (none) => tmb
Resolution: (none) => FIXED

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