Bug 25158 - wireshark new release 3.0.3 fixes security issue
Summary: wireshark new release 3.0.3 fixes security issue
Status: NEW
Alias: None
Product: Mageia
Classification: Unclassified
Component: Security (show other bugs)
Version: 7
Hardware: All Linux
Priority: Normal normal
Target Milestone: ---
Assignee: QA Team
QA Contact: Sec team
Whiteboard: MGA7-64-OK
Keywords: advisory, has_procedure
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Reported: 2019-07-20 18:28 CEST by David Walser
Modified: 2019-08-16 17:48 CEST (History)
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Source RPM: wireshark-3.0.2-1.mga7.src.rpm
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Description David Walser 2019-07-20 18:28:18 CEST
Upstream has released new versions on July 17:

Updated package uploaded for Mageia 7.


Updated wireshark packages fix security vulnerability:

ASN.1 BER and related dissectors crash (CVE-2019-13619).


Updated packages in core/updates_testing:

from wireshark-3.0.3-1.mga7.src.rpm
Comment 1 David Walser 2019-07-20 18:28:36 CEST
Testing procedure:

Keywords: (none) => has_procedure

Comment 2 Herman Viaene 2019-07-21 11:11:39 CEST
MGA7-64 Plasma on Lenovo B50
No installation issues, making sure I installed all packages in above list.
Following wiki
$ wireshark -n userwiretest

It took me some time to get the capture going, turned out I had to"Refesh Interfaces" before it captured anything at all.

$ editcap -r userwiretest wiresharktest50 1-50             
$ mergecap -v -w wiresharkmerged userwiretest wiresharktest50
mergecap: userwiretest is type Wireshark/... - pcapng.
mergecap: wiresharktest50 is type Wireshark/... - pcapng.
mergecap: selected frame_type Ethernet (ether)
mergecap: ready to merge records
Record: 1
Record: 2
Record: 3
Record: 4
Record: 5
Record: 6
Record: 7
etc .....
mergecap: merging complete
$ randpkt -b 500 -t dns wireshark_dns.pcap
$ wireshark wireshark_dns.pcap
Shows a lot of stuff.

$ dftest ip
bash: dftest: opdracht niet gevonden (command not found) !!!!

# urpmf dftest
    $MIRRORLIST: media/core/release/media_info/20190627-235351-files.xml.lzma
    $MIRRORLIST: media/core/updates/media_info/20190720-193221-files.xml.lzma
    $MIRRORLIST: media/core/updates_testing/media_info/20190720-194725-files.xml.lzma                                            
    $MIRRORLIST: media/nonfree/release/media_info/20190628-001219-files.xml.lzma
    $MIRRORLIST: media/nonfree/updates/media_info/20190717-101528-files.xml.lzma                                                 
    $MIRRORLIST: media/tainted/release/media_info/20190628-001348-files.xml.lzma                                                 
    $MIRRORLIST: media/tainted/updates/media_info/20190711-201355-files.xml.lzma         
I don't see any executable in these???
$ capinfos wiresharktest50
File name:           wiresharktest50
File type:           Wireshark/... - pcapng
File encapsulation:  Ethernet
File timestamp precision:  nanoseconds (9)
Packet size limit:   file hdr: (not set)
Number of packets:   18
File size:           2.112 bytes
Data size:           1.268 bytes
Capture duration:    8,313120932 seconds
First packet time:   2019-07-21 10:45:14,469459238
Last packet time:    2019-07-21 10:45:22,782580170
Data byte rate:      152 bytes/s
Data bit rate:       1.220 bits/s
Average packet size: 70,44 bytes
Average packet rate: 2 packets/s
SHA256:              1ad62a5ed77c1b870764aab35766c9b18476811ec333780f210a66c597986673
RIPEMD160:           ffae8ad379abb4b1e7f1a22bdfd49ccb5b920939
SHA1:                ea42357f96e716a66b95548f32ffa7fb4eff84d6
Strict time order:   True
Capture hardware:    Intel(R) Core(TM) i5-5200U CPU @ 2.20GHz (with SSE4.2)
Capture oper-sys:    Linux 5.1.18-desktop-1.mga7
Capture application: Dumpcap (Wireshark) 3.0.3 (Git commit 6130b92b0ec6)
Number of interfaces in file: 1
Interface #0 info:
                     Name = wlp9s0
                     Encapsulation = Ethernet (1 - ether)
                     Capture length = 262144
                     Time precision = nanoseconds (9)
                     Time ticks per second = 1000000000
                     Time resolution = 0x09
                     Operating system = Linux 5.1.18-desktop-1.mga7
                     Number of stat entries = 0
                     Number of packets = 18

All looks OK, except the dftest which I cann't explain.

CC: (none) => herman.viaene

Thomas Backlund 2019-08-10 16:27:41 CEST

Keywords: (none) => advisory
CC: (none) => tmb

Comment 3 Brian Rockwell 2019-08-16 17:48:25 CEST
Physical hardware running Xfce and latest patches

# uname -a
Linux localhost 5.2.7-desktop-1.mga7 #1 SMP Wed Aug 7 10:32:19 UTC 2019 x86_64 x86_64 x86_64 GNU/Linux

The following 19 packages are going to be installed:

- dumpcap-3.0.3-1.mga7.x86_64
- lib64bcg729_0-1.0.4-2.mga7.x86_64
- lib64lua5.2-5.2.4-3.mga7.x86_64
- lib64maxminddb0-1.3.2-3.mga7.x86_64
- lib64nl-route3_200-3.4.0-3.mga7.x86_64
- lib64qt5multimedia5-5.12.2-2.mga7.x86_64
- lib64qt5printsupport5-5.12.2-2.mga7.x86_64
- lib64sbc1-1.4-1.mga7.x86_64
- lib64smi2-0.5.0-3.mga7.x86_64
- lib64snappy1-1.1.7-2.mga7.x86_64
- lib64spandsp2-0.0.6-pre20180108.2.mga7.x86_64
- lib64wireshark12-3.0.3-1.mga7.x86_64
- lib64wiretap9-3.0.3-1.mga7.x86_64
- lib64wscodecs2-3.0.3-1.mga7.x86_64
- lib64wsutil10-3.0.3-1.mga7.x86_64
- libsmi-mibs-std-0.5.0-3.mga7.x86_64
- smi-tools-0.5.0-3.mga7.x86_64
- wireshark-3.0.3-1.mga7.x86_64
- wireshark-tools-3.0.3-1.mga7.x86_64

123MB of additional disk space will be used.

23MB of packages will be retrieved.

Is it ok to continue?


After installation I tried running wireshark from menu.  That works, but it cannot capture.  I had to go to root to really use it, probably how security is configured on this machine.

Ran it from command line and did some captures.  It seems to work as intended.

Approving for 64-bit.

Whiteboard: (none) => MGA7-64-OK
CC: (none) => brtians1

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