Bug 24786 - ghostscript new security issue CVE-2019-3839
Summary: ghostscript new security issue CVE-2019-3839
Alias: None
Product: Mageia
Classification: Unclassified
Component: Security (show other bugs)
Version: 6
Hardware: All Linux
Priority: Normal critical
Target Milestone: ---
Assignee: QA Team
QA Contact: Sec team
Whiteboard: MGA6-64-OK
Keywords: advisory, validated_update
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Reported: 2019-05-08 13:37 CEST by David Walser
Modified: 2019-07-01 21:30 CEST (History)
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Source RPM: ghostscript-9.26-1.3.mga6.src.rpm
Status comment: Fixed upstream in 9.28

Short exploit script for file stealing (392 bytes, application/postscript)
2019-05-22 09:53 CEST, Len Lawrence

Description David Walser 2019-05-08 13:37:39 CEST
RedHat has issued an advisory on May 7:

The issue is fixed upstream in 9.28.

Mageia 6 is also affected.
David Walser 2019-05-08 13:37:51 CEST

Status comment: (none) => Fixed upstream in 9.28
Whiteboard: (none) => MGA6TOO

Comment 1 Lewis Smith 2019-05-08 17:09:40 CEST
Assigning globally as ghostscript has no registered mainatainer.

CC: (none) => lewyssmith
Assignee: bugsquad => pkg-bugs

Comment 2 Nicolas Salguero 2019-05-20 11:18:43 CEST
After checking, in fact, version 9.27 already contains the fixes for CVE-2019-3839 so only Mageia 6 is affected.

Suggested advisory:

The updated packages fix a security vulnerability:

It was found that in ghostscript some privileged operators remained accessible from various places after the CVE-2019-6116 fix. A specially crafted PostScript file could use this flaw in order to, for example, have access to the file system outside of the constrains imposed by -dSAFER. Ghostscript versions before 9.28 are vulnerable. (CVE-2019-3839)


Updated packages in core/updates_testing:

from SRPMS:

Whiteboard: MGA6TOO => (none)
Source RPM: ghostscript-9.27-1.mga7.src.rpm => ghostscript-9.26-1.3.mga6.src.rpm
Assignee: pkg-bugs => qa-bugs
CC: (none) => nicolas.salguero
Version: Cauldron => 6

Len Lawrence 2019-05-20 11:22:24 CEST

CC: lewyssmith => (none)

Comment 3 Len Lawrence 2019-05-22 09:50:33 CEST
mga6, x86_64

Updated the ten packages.

Attempted to find reproducers for CVE-2019-3839 but the backtrail is very confusing with
references to bugs already fixed and exploits which start with ImageMagick.


$ gs -q -sDEVICE=ppmraw -dSAFER -sOutputFile=/dev/null
GS>{ null restore } stopped { pop } if
GS>mark /OutputFile (%pipe%id) currentdevice putdeviceprops
Error: /invalidaccess in --.putdeviceprops--

The test above looks the same before and after the update and shows that the exploit has
been nipped in the bud.

$ gs -q -sDEVICE=ppmraw -dSAFER
GS>/home/lcl/tmp/abc-0.ps 16#414141414141 setpattern
Error: /typecheck in --setpattern--

That is probably a good result (lost the "before" check, which did not segfault).

$ gs -q -sDEVICE=ppmraw -dSAFER
GS>/home/lcl/tmp/abc-0.ps 16#4141414141414141 .setdistillerparams
Error: /typecheck in --.setdistillerparams--

Ran this (above) only after the update - not too sure about the input file.
Again, no segfault.

Tried the steal file trick without being sure how to execute it or its relation to the
current bug.

fileread.ps on localhost
$ gs -q -sDEVICE=ppmraw -dSAFER fileread.ps
STOLEN: /HalftoneDefault/HalftoneDefault-device--dict--dict--dict--dict-

which looks innocuous.  If it had worked the output would have been more like:
STOLEN: root:x:0:0:root:
STOLEN: daemon:x:1:1:daemon:/bash/bin/root:(/etc/passwd)
STOLEN: bin:x:2:2:bin:/nologin/sbin/usr/sbin:/usr(/etc/passwd)

Ran several of the tests which have been used here before to check functionality, like
reading a Postscript file with gs and displaying it and then printing it.
$ dvipdf refcard.dvi refcard.pdf
The generated PDF file displayed perfectly in a PDF viewer.

GPL Ghostscript 9.26 (2018-11-20)
Copyright (C) 2018 Artifex Software, Inc.  All rights reserved.
This software comes with NO WARRANTY: see the file PUBLIC for details.
GS>1183615869 internaldict /superexec known { (VULNERABLE\n) } { (SAFE\n) }
GS<3>ifelse print

No regressions.

Whiteboard: (none) => MGA6-64-OK
CC: (none) => tarazed25

Comment 4 Len Lawrence 2019-05-22 09:53:36 CEST
Created attachment 11019 [details]
Short exploit script for file stealing

To be run interactively with gs cli.
Comment 5 Morgan Leijström 2019-05-22 23:50:15 CEST
Printing broke after i installed this set yesterday:

lib64ijs1-0.35-143.4.mga6.x86_64              tis 21 maj 2019 23:00:39
ghostscript-module-X-9.26-1.4.mga6.x86_64     tis 21 maj 2019 23:00:39
lib64gs-devel-9.26-1.4.mga6.x86_64            tis 21 maj 2019 23:00:38
lib64gs9-9.26-1.4.mga6.x86_64                 tis 21 maj 2019 23:00:38
ghostscript-9.26-1.4.mga6.x86_64              tis 21 maj 2019 23:00:38
ghostscript-common-9.26-1.4.mga6.x86_64       tis 21 maj 2019 23:00:36

In Cups interface there is the message "filter failed"

Reboot did not help.

After i now issued:

# urpmi --downgrade --media "Core Updates" lib64ijs1 ghostscript-module-X lib64gs-devel lib64gs9 ghostscript ghostscript-common

Then printing started to work again, without needing to reboot.
Also the queued failed prints work when i there tell it to resend the job.

Printer is ethernet attached Canon i-Sensys LBP7750Cdn.  I installed it over a year ago according to my posting https://forums.mageia.org/en/viewtopic.php?f=24&t=4203 using queue type PXL (PCL6).

CC: (none) => fri
Whiteboard: MGA6-64-OK => (none)

Comment 6 Morgan Leijström 2019-05-23 00:27:33 CEST
If i update only lib64ijs1 to -0.35-143.4.mga6.x86_64 it still works, also after reboots, so that is not the guilty one.  After i update the other five packages ( = from ghostscript-9.26-1.4.mga6.src.rpm ) printing stops working on this system.

Symptom is that the printer dialog progress as usual even the bar showing progress of pages, but at http://localhost:631/jobs/ the state of the job is:

"Filter failed"
Comment 7 Len Lawrence 2019-05-23 02:03:48 CEST
In reply to comment 5;
Hmm.  Had not noticed that.
When this is run:-
$ lpr -Pokda tmp/abc-0.ps

The page is printed and "show active jobs" has entries for previous jobs with the messages:
"Filter failed"
but nothing for the current job.

So something odd is going on here.  The other oddity is that the  successful job is listed as having 3 pages when it actually had only 1.  I am beginning to think that I am misinterpreting the job numbers, which may refer to other past jobs.  'Reprint job' produces a single blank page.  Tried libreoffice writer as well with a single page ODT file, specifying printer okda and that worked.  Its job number was okda-130 which is listed as "completed" (no filter failed).

Repeating the cli command resulted in job okda-131 being posted and completed.  No entry in active jobs.  In my case the "filter failed" jobs seem to be old, long forgotten ones, so not relevant to the update.

The report above is confusing - it confuses me - but the upshot is that I cannot reproduce the problem you are seeing but it may have occurred with previous versions of ghostscript.
Comment 8 Len Lawrence 2019-05-23 02:08:32 CEST
Re comment 7: all the listed packages have been installed.
Comment 9 Morgan Leijström 2019-05-23 08:36:42 CEST
I have had "filter failed" errors before when installation of printers have gone wrong.

With updated gs, wehn i print several pages i see the print dialog progress bar move and all pages get "printed" and the progress window closes.  I guess that the intermediate postscript (?) file have then been generated OK.    But then cups fail to print that intermediate file.

Maybe there is some incompatibility between this specific printer drivers filter and the new version of ghostscript.

I am not sure what "filter" mean in this case.  I guess that is something coming from the Canon package.  Maybe i should try updating that by reinstalling newer version.

On the other hand we should not ship a ghostscript that riskt stopping printing for users.  Hard to know if this should affect only a very few or many.

Is there a way to get more debug info than just "Filter failed" ?
Comment 10 Morgan Leijström 2019-05-23 08:42:14 CEST
There are mentions of incompatible changes for 9.27
I could not now quicky locate additional changes for 9.28

I guess i should take this upstream but have a work deadline to take care of...
Comment 11 Len Lawrence 2019-05-23 09:16:00 CEST
In reply to comment 9.
In my case all printers are Hewlett-Packard and have been installed under HPLIP so whatever 'filter' means it seems to be something general.  Searching the web turns up several links about the 'filter failed' problem.  In the case of a Mac with HP printer HP advised 'resetting' the printer.  In the case of CUPS I cannot see anything about reset in either Maintenance or Administration.

Checking other replies I see that some Ubuntu users have seen the same fault, which happened suddenly in all cases.  Solutions varied from reinstalling the printer or restarting the CUPS server to emptying /var/spool/cups and updating network printers addresses.  So, a messy problem.  No indication what 'filter' means but my understanding is covered by the quote below.

Occasionally, in the past, I have had to remove and reinstall the printer to overcome problems.  That seems a clumsy solution though and you can never be sure that it is going to work.

Quote from one source:
Description. The CUPS filter interface provides a standard method for adding support for new document types or printers to CUPS. Each filter is capable of converting from one or more input formats to another format that can either be printed directly or piped into another filter to get it to a printable format.
Comment 12 Morgan Leijström 2019-05-23 10:42:26 CEST
Ah, i guess then the "filter" is a translator from ps to in my case the PCL dialect for my printer.  And ps dialect have changed now so it fails. 

Maybe the update should come with some information that the printer driver need be updated because some non-standard and undocumented operators have been removed, and reference the link i gave.

I will try in the weekend or maybe earlier maybe to update the Canon package.
Comment 13 Len Lawrence 2019-05-30 08:58:27 CEST
@Morgan, comment 12.
Have you been able to test this again?
Comment 14 Morgan Leijström 2019-05-30 16:55:36 CEST
Tonight or tomorrow.
Comment 15 Morgan Leijström 2019-06-01 07:41:47 CEST
Darn. didnt find time for this and now i have to leave for a week.

I think this should not stop it from being validated.

Upstream do say incompatible changes are introduced.

IMO there should be package information saying that in case the printer does not work anymore, try to get a newer printer driver/filter and (re)install that.
Comment 16 Len Lawrence 2019-06-01 10:05:19 CEST
OK, thanks Morgan.
Sending this on.

Whiteboard: (none) => MGA6-64-OK
Keywords: (none) => validated_update
CC: (none) => sysadmin-bugs

Thomas Backlund 2019-06-10 19:31:11 CEST

Keywords: (none) => advisory
CC: (none) => tmb

Comment 17 Mageia Robot 2019-06-10 21:18:11 CEST
An update for this issue has been pushed to the Mageia Updates repository.


Resolution: (none) => FIXED

Comment 18 Dan Fandrich 2019-07-01 21:30:28 CEST
I've opened bug#25020 on the "filter failed" error in comment#7.

CC: (none) => dan

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