Bug 1195 - Celestia segfaulted due a bug in gtkglext
Summary: Celestia segfaulted due a bug in gtkglext
Alias: None
Product: Mageia
Classification: Unclassified
Component: Security (show other bugs)
Version: 1
Hardware: All Linux
Priority: Normal normal
Target Milestone: ---
Assignee: QA Team
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Reported: 2011-05-07 20:13 CEST by Dušan Pavlík
Modified: 2014-05-08 18:06 CEST (History)
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Source RPM: gtkglext-1.2.0-8.mga1.src.rpm
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Celestia backtrace (7.87 KB, text/plain)
2011-05-17 04:45 CEST, John Balcaen
bt full of celestia crash (30.96 KB, text/plain)
2011-05-17 04:48 CEST, John Balcaen

Description Dušan Pavlík 2011-05-07 20:13:22 CEST
I install Celestia with urpmi.
When I select this program from menu it not started.(only splashscreen)

Output from console :
$ celestia

(celestia:21574): GtkGLExt-CRITICAL **: gtk_widget_set_gl_capability: assertion `!gtk_widget_get_has_window (widget)' failed

(celestia:21574): GdkGLExt-CRITICAL **: gdk_gl_drawable_gl_begin: assertion `GDK_IS_GL_DRAWABLE (gldrawable)' failed
Chyba segmentácie (segmentation fault)
Ahmad Samir 2011-05-10 06:13:22 CEST

Source RPM: (none) => celestia

Comment 1 Thierry Vignaud 2011-05-10 10:17:12 CEST
We know a bug report is about a bug...
So please fill in a meaningful title next time...

CC: (none) => thierry.vignaud
Summary: Bug in Celestia => Celestia segfaulted

Comment 2 John Balcaen 2011-05-17 04:45:19 CEST
Created attachment 412 [details]
Celestia  backtrace

I'm able to reproduce here.
Attached is a backtrace of the crash
Comment 3 John Balcaen 2011-05-17 04:48:48 CEST
Created attachment 413 [details]
bt full of celestia crash
Comment 4 John Balcaen 2011-05-17 05:24:36 CEST
The crash occurs on a ATI HD 5770 running with the ati driver.
Using fglrx, it still crashing but the backtrace is quite different in that case :/

CC: (none) => balcaen.john

Comment 5 John Balcaen 2011-05-27 20:36:18 CEST
Ok i fixed the issue locally
in fact it's due to a wrong patch for gtkglext ( i also found a bug report on mandriva bugzilla https://qa.mandriva.com/show_bug.cgi?id=63304),syncing the patch with fedora one fix the crash on start.

I'll provide an update after the release for mageia 1

Hardware: x86_64 => All
Assignee: bugsquad => balcaen.john
Source RPM: celestia => gtkglext-1.2.0-8.mga1.src.rpm

Comment 6 Sander Lepik 2011-06-15 23:56:28 CEST
Another user reported. Maybe submit into updates_testing?

CC: (none) => sander.lepik
Version: Cauldron => 1

Comment 7 John Balcaen 2011-06-16 00:53:11 CEST
A new gtkglext is now available in updates/testing.
Could you please test starting celestia again with the gtkglext-1.2.0-8.1.mga1

Summary: Celestia segfaulted => Celestia segfaulted due a bug in gtkglext

Comment 8 John Balcaen 2011-06-16 01:58:24 CEST
This bug is fixed for me on both arch i586, x86_64 for Mageia 1

Advisory :
« The patch used in the previous gtkglext package makes
the usage of gl windows always fail, this update fix this issue. »

Assignee: balcaen.john => bugsquad

Comment 9 Sander Lepik 2011-06-16 11:10:54 CEST
Works for me too.
John Balcaen 2011-06-16 12:36:18 CEST

Component: RPM Packages => Security

John Balcaen 2011-06-16 23:45:50 CEST

Assignee: bugsquad => qa-bugs

Comment 10 Sander Lepik 2011-06-21 13:44:10 CEST
I'll have to add that i tested myself on x86_64 and the other user, who reported it, tested on i586 (http://pingviin.org/viewtopic.php?p=66454#66454).
Comment 11 Damien Lallement 2011-06-22 16:16:01 CEST
Update validated by the QA.
Thanks for the report and the fix.
- gtkglext-1.2.0-8.1.mga1.src.rpm 

Update will be pushed ASAP.

CC: (none) => mageia

Comment 12 Nicolas Vigier 2011-06-23 01:42:33 CEST
Packages have been pushed to updates repository.

CC: (none) => boklm

Comment 13 Manuel Hiebel 2011-06-30 01:20:51 CEST
closing ?
Comment 14 Dave Hodgins 2011-06-30 04:47:07 CEST
Closing. :-)

CC: (none) => davidwhodgins
Resolution: (none) => FIXED

Nicolas Vigier 2014-05-08 18:06:41 CEST

CC: boklm => (none)

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